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Do you teach learning techniques?

In the general education structure, students, no matter what age, are usually left shockingly alone to figure out how to learn best. I’ll generalise: they are taught the content but are hardly given advice in retaining it. Learners are disheartened because they try and try and don’t feel a good enough improvement. Thankfully, there’s great research and information out there about learning strategies that can be applied for languages as well. Inspired by the MOOC I’m taking about “Learning to Learn“, let me share my favourites. Continue reading “Do you teach learning techniques?”

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Time for self improvement – 5 articles to help you

Many of us teachers don’t work at the moment being summer and all but it also gives time for self-improvement, catching up with the news of the world, doing courses, professional and recreational reading and more. In the current “knowledge economy” as some would say, being an autodidact or at least an autodidactic self-improver if that’s a thing, is easy. Let me share my recent favourites with you.

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