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Work, work, work

Good things come in batches, have you noticed? When things start turning out better, more things will turn out better.

My last hypothesis about everything being slower in the summer proved to be true. Even with decreased online advertisements I got 2 new students the past week and a half so now the number increased to 4 which is almost over my capacity.

I’m proud to say that I’m totally counter-balancing the “lazy crazy hazy days of summer” (Gilmore girls, anyone? 🙂 ) and booked up myself really tight: full-time job Mon-Fri, Spanish course 3×4 hours after work, and 2 or 3 hours of English classes 3 days a week, including a very sacrificial Saturday morning. But hey, if my 57-year-old mum can work 12 hours a day, so can I.

So the lesson here? People don’t want to study in the summer but they definitely seem to wanna try once September approaches.

Do you have the same experience?




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