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The impact of BREXIT on ELT

Many teachers feel the same worry and uncertainty about UK leaving the EU. Of course there are no immediate effects bar a very strong emotional response: British people as a nation don’t welcome Europeans (apologies to the individuals who do, my friends). Where will the dominoes fall is still up for grabs…


Like many people in the world of ELT I was shocked and disappointed by the results of the EU referendum this morning.  Like many people in our position, my wife and I have been sitting on the sofa in our house in central Portugal,  in a state of bleak disbelief struggling to understand both how the British people could have made this choice and of course, what the ramifications are for us.

We are asking ourselves questions like:  Should we stay here?  If we want to stay here, how do we go about it?  Should we go somewhere else?  Should we return to the UK?  Do we even want to return to the UK?  How on earth are we going to make that happen if we do?

There is a lot of anxiety in our thinking, a lot of uncertainty and a lot of speculation, none of which adds up…

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3 thoughts on “The impact of BREXIT on ELT

  1. Perhaps you’d be better off saying that some people in Britain don’t like Europeans; just like some people in Spain don’t like guiris; other people in Spain don’t like Moroccans. But the vast majority of people in Britain don’t really care where you come from.

    This vote was a protest vote by a large section of the population who have been cut adrift and pilloried on a daily basis by the media, by the middle classes, and by the politicians. Unfortunately, the protest vote will have consequences that none of us know about. But things might actually get better for all of Europe as a direct result of this.


    1. All I’m saying is that the vote proved that this is how the majority feels. l hope you’re right and things will get better. Time will tell but it feels like a scary moment. For me, it makes me scared. kinda took the EU for granted.


      1. The vote didn’t prove this at all. The “British people as a nation” does not exist. The British people ARE European.

        If people write off this vote as xenophobia and racism and isolationism, then the very factors that led to it -the demonisation of working class British people and a complete failure of the British government to look after their interests- will go unaddressed and we will end up with much more serious problems.


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