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Life happens

I had the A to Z all planned out. The topics in class, the posts with the letters, all that. They weren’t written because I was careful to give myself some freedom to change things around – I know I don’t like to mindlessly follow plans.

But then I got sick.

Now don’t worry,  it wasn’t anything serious but it was very draining, annoying and sometimes scary. It was a nasty flu with high fever, sore throat and coughing fits. All my meagre energy went to try to cure myself, with no brain capacity left to create.

I barely got through the standard class exercises, there was not much music or singing to report about. And there was no desire left to write either. My whole existence was bared down to breathing, eating and sleeping.

And reading. Coz when I couldn’t sleep, I was still able to welcome stories in the passive ways. These past 2 weeks I took trips to the depths of the Earth, to fantasy lands with magic and adventure, to history and fantasy, and lived many lives where people were strong and healthy and fought for themselves.

It was like a time-out from life, a time-out to withdraw and to expand in other ways than I originally planned.

Now more than a week of the A to Z challenge passed without a post here and as I’m back to my old self, I’ll catch up, I know I will. I want that badge at the end of the month to say I’d done it.

In the meantime: how are you doing with the challenge? Are you enjoying it? Are you sick of your topic yet? Lol I hope not and I hope your health is in order too.

Take good care of yourself and if you get a chance, check the ongoing A to Z blogging on my other blogs, The Script Bible and on Music & Words.



My soul breathes music and exhales words.

One thought on “Life happens

  1. The challenge works great, thanks for asking. Nevertheless I couldn’t keep up with reading and commenting. As you said: Life happens! 😉


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