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Mime “If you’re happy…” #atozchallenge

There’s so many versions of the song it’s unreal. I’ve never heard it but it makes sense that there is one version isn’t always about happy but other emotions as well.

Me, I kept it simple: I wanted to use the standard version but then for fear of annoying the class downstairs and try to restrict the loud movements, I ended up with:
– clap your hands (classic)
– lift your leg (instead of stumping)
– nod your head
– shout hooray (turned out to be a favourite)


Here’s the thing: changes are ok but then you’re going to have to be okay to sing on your own without CD support and it’s harder than it seems…

The miming was great though we practiced it a little bit before the singing. After a couple rounds (as a suggestion of one of the students) we’ve also made it into a game: if you messed up, you had to sit down. 4 of them were standing last and just to confuse them in the end I jokingly changed the last line to something we haven’t practiced before. Cue to lots of laughter and the end of the class.

This song seems to have local versions in many languages. Have you ever sung it in another language?


In April I set myself a challenge to use more music when teaching English. I passionately believe in the power of music to make everything better and I want to motivate my students to feel more relaxed, and at the same time more inspired about learning English. It’s an interesting journey with ups and downs! πŸ˜‰


Check out the picture edits on The Script Bible – it’s a real team effort. πŸ™‚

Today’s featured blogger is  A to Z co-host Zalka Csenge Virag , my fellow Hungarian with another amazing theme of β€œRepresentation and Diversity in Storytelling: Tales of Many Shapes and Colours”. For a lighter read, she also has another blog, where she features Crazy Hungarian Cartoons this month! They are truly awesome so be sure to visit her! πŸ™‚



My soul breathes music and exhales words.

4 thoughts on “Mime “If you’re happy…” #atozchallenge

  1. In Italy we sang, “if you’re sad and you know it, cry boo-hoo.. boo-hoo 😦 ”
    “If you’re hungry and you know it, say I am, I AM!”

    Was lots of fun with my little 4-5 year olds πŸ™‚


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