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Lost opportunity #atozchallenge

Since we’re talking about music here you’d be right to assume that it’s about that quirky little Queen song that surely must have been written in the dark corner of a quiet rundown pub, drunk or high or both, it’s not.

(Even though now I’m seriously tempted to bring it to class 😉 But I kinda think I can only push those Justin Bieber fans one step at a time…)

Anyway now that we’ve established what I’m not writing about (despite all appearances) here is what I am writing about: a lament about how my aversion to standard to children’s songs feels results in a lost opportunity to connect with the preschoolers I teach.

I’d like to trust those assumed experts who create these songs but no matter how hard I try that just seems to stay evasive. Really, how can I put my trust into those who create songs that don’t move the kids? Hand on heart I tried to play their songs as outlined in the book but to no success. Never had I seen a good reaction to any of them.

I’m stumped for the time being because I want to bring the joy of music to the little ones as well but can’t seem to manage. I guess it’s time to travel deeper into the dark corners of the internet and hope for the best.

If you have any tips, or if you have any songs from your childhood you remember fondly, let me know.


In April I set myself a challenge to use more music when teaching English. I passionately believe in the power of music to make everything better and I want to motivate my students to feel more relaxed, and at the same time more inspired about learning English. It’s an interesting journey with ups and downs! 😉


Check out the picture edits on The Script Bible – it’s a real team effort. 🙂

Today’s featured blogger is A to Z co-host Pam Brown Margolis.  Click here to read  what she’s up to in the challenge.



My soul breathes music and exhales words.

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