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The Job Song

I don’t just haphazardly go around doing some random exercises that can somehow relate to music – no, sir (insert sad soldier voice for some unknown reason), there is structure in the madness.

In 2 of my classes we’re learning about jobs. It’s a great topic, opportunity for lots of fun exercises – I wonder why they don’t put more of those in the book… Anyway, I went and searched online directly for “job song”. Oh, the wonders of the Internet! Seriously, it’s amazing how available everything is with the help of search engines. Try and look for exercises per level and/or per topic in a bunch of books, aka our school library and you’re totally appreciate the efficiency of Google.

It has brought me to this page, courtesy of British Council with a cute little song and good exercises. I gotta say, both me and my students found the vocabulary level rather high for this age and level but I loved the song too much to leave it out.

We’ve just done a follow-up exercise today with simpler expressions (to be continued in next class,) so I hope the (simpler) vocabulary sinks in now. The song was still a blast though. Thanks BBC!


In April I set myself a challenge to use more music when teaching English. I passionately believe in the power of music to make everything better and I want to motivate my students to feel more relaxed, and at the same time more inspired about learning English. It’s an interesting journey with ups and downs! 😉


Check out the picture edits on The Script Bible – it’s a real team effort. 🙂

Today’s featured blogger is A to Z co-host  Heather M. Gardner . Click here to check out what adventures Stormy is up to today.



My soul breathes music and exhales words.

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