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Introduce your favourite song #atozchallenge

What kind of (English language) songs do you think Spanish teenagers like?


Further practising the expressions we learned previously about stating their opinion, homework for my teenager group was to bring their favourite English-language song and introduce it in 3 sentences.

The activity
1. Answer 3 questions: who is the artist, what’s the title + what’s the song about + why do you like it
2. Play 30 secs of the song, present your answers (stand up, face the class, the whole shenanigans)
3. Half the class takes notes, the other half tells us what they think of the song
4. Group discussion
5. Repeat with next student

(Small class, 5-6 kids, KET level, 13-year-olds)

It was great to see how different they all are. Yes, we had Justin Bieber (but only 2 out of the total 11) or Nicki Minaj (not much better than Bieber) but we also had Ed Sheeran, Lukas Graham or John Legend.

It strikes me interesting that two keywords popped up regularly, no matter the gender of the students: they liked songs about love or with a good rhythm. It was refreshing to see how open they were about that. I recall my awkward teenage years when using the L-word only resulted in embarrassed giggles! I like this change in the new generation, I gotta admit.


In April I set myself a challenge to use more music when teaching English. I passionately believe in the power of music to make everything better and I want to motivate my students to feel more relaxed, and at the same time more inspired about learning English. I’m sure it’ll be a journey with ups and downs! 😉


Which song would you have brought if you’d been in my class? What do you like about that particular song?

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