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Games in class: yes or no?

You know what the whole point is of having music in the class? It makes learning playful. And isn’t everything better when you’re having fun and enjoying yourself?

(I’ve posted this not long ago and I’m reusing this because I’ve got a serious bout of manflu. Yes, I’m a woman. It affects us too!)

The Sunny Days of an English teacher

The grown-up opinion about learning vs playing seems to be in a forever shift. Some curriculums plan and expect them, others just want to get through the insane amount of information children are required absorb, and others yet only accept games that have some educational outcomes. What’s your take on that?

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My soul breathes music and exhales words.

3 thoughts on “Games in class: yes or no?

  1. Games are necessary. I taught English overseas for many years and most of my young students didn’t want to be in their classes. Their parents made them take English. It was important to make class fun for them and allow them to use their English skills in less artificial ways than just drills from the book.


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