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Fetch your bingo #atozchallenge

It surprised me how fiercely these kids love playing bingo. The only reason I enjoyed it in the past was the rush of the not-so-sneaky alcoholic drinks. But that was before I used in the classroom.


In the classroom it goes over the mere numbers. It’s a good tool to practise vocabulary in all kinds of ways: recognise the picture, find the synonym, find the opposite, find the category, practise listening etc.

So how does music comes into play?

Well, preparing the bingo sheets is a big pain in the bum. Especially because our school is not big on printing. We’re OK to photocopy but only our extremely busy office angel can print and it’s not always feasible in time. (I hate to bother her to be honest. Somehow the other teachers manage to stick to the books so I feel like I’m giving her extra work…)

As an ex productivity consultant I was looking for ways to streamline this manual bingo making process and I’ve realised that involving the kids is the best solution ๐Ÿ™‚ And so here’s how we do it: I make copies to everyone and cut up the items, but then kids select their own. Sometimes we stick them on a sheet, sometimes we just put them on the desk. And that’s it, each kid has made their own variation of bingo cards!

Now, the music part. This time I’ve placed a pile of items on the cleaned up desks and had the kids walk around until the music was playing. When it stopped, they picked an item from the nearest card. I tried it with a small class of 4 and it was fun. I didn’t dare to do this with the boisterous class of 11 to be honest!

What do you think? Do you like traditional bingo or have you ever used it in learning?

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9 thoughts on “Fetch your bingo #atozchallenge

  1. No, I am not a bingo-fan. Nevertheless I had to play it in my French lessons when learning the numbers. – Let’s hope my Norwegian teacher has another idea next lesson to revise the numbers from 1 to 20 – or does one need more numbers for bingo?


  2. I love Bingo. I haven’t played in ages, but it’s always fun. What a brilliant way to use music to involve the kids in making their Bingo cards!

    Michele at Angels Bark


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