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Painting the class green

We’re on holiday this week (plus lots and lots of A to Z preparations are going on for all the blogs!) hence the silence but I wanted to tell you what a day we had for St Patrick’s Day.

We didn’t literally painted the class green (dah!) but I’ve been feeling so homesick for Dublin recently that I was determined to bring a little Ireland to life on the excuse of culture immersing for the students. (Really, I just wanted to feel more at home! Lol)

So in the morning I went to the Chinese shop (coz where else do you go in Spain for some cheap Paddy’s day accessories?), got some green balloons, post-its and paper in the tricolour for some decoration and if I was at it, I also bought myself a cool cardigan.

Now, I have to say this, I suck at decoration. I know teachers are supposed to be good with all crafty things (and singing) but I’m not your usual teacher as you know… Also, some balloons were given away during the day but here’s the gist of the decoration I’ve managed.


The most interesting part of course was the games. We had lots of games! Some of the tricolour post-its on the board had numbers on them and each number hid either a question about Ireland or a funny joke or a longer activity. I admit, I did a little improvisation there coz ran out of time to properly prepare it but it didn’t stand in the way of fun!

We’ve had themed bingo from here which was great to review the essential vocabulary: shamrock, leprechaun, pot of gold, rainbow and more were an integral part of our learning on the day. I’ve only noticed in the first class that the bingo had every item on every card but I quickly sold it that everyone was a winner today. (Phew!)

I’ve also brought them a song, Paint The Town Green from The Script, coz I love that song and it’s also relatively simple. To keep things easy, I’ve asked the students to count how many times they’ve heard home, green, Dublin and Paddy’s Day in it. They loved it, even the relative beginners had some success and the point of the day was to make them feel good so I was very content.

We’ve also done some learning of course. The children prepared shamrocks with Irish sayings on it, one per child and I’ve asked them to memorise it for after the break.


We’ve talked about the pot of gold and money, and how that’s important or rather, how it’s not so important. Another homework was to write and draw “What is more important to me than a pot of gold?” I’m looking forward to those little answers!


Unfortunately one of my classes didn’t play. I left them alone for 5 minutes to make more copies for the bingo and gave them an assignment which they’ve totally ignored. So sadly, I had to bring out my strict face and tell them that not doing the exercise meant no game either. I was disappointed not only because of their behaviour but more because I was really looking forward to play the games with that particular lot! But one has to do the right thing sometimes. Right?

It was weird to come home after the classes instead of going to the local pub and get crazy with my Irish friends but I hope the students got a little piece of Ireland they liked. I certainly had more fun than usually!

So what did you do for St Patrick’s Day? 😉



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One thought on “Painting the class green

  1. It seems that everybody (well, most of everybody) had fun at St. Patrick’s Day. This year I was on holiday in Ireland and did stand with cold feet in a crowd, watching the parade. It was great! People all around me, other tourists and locals enjoyed the colourful parade. ☘
    Oh, I hope reading this didn’t make you even more homesick?! 🙊


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