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Uphill on rollerskates

That’s how teaching feels some (most) days.
There’s no resting on one’s laurels (there aren’t even any laurels), every day, every class, sometimes every single minute is like a wind in your face trying to push you back. You’ve got to work hard for every single student, every single achievement.

Photo by Steve Garvie
Photo by Steve Garvie

So some days, I keep asking myself: what’s the point? Why am l putting myself out there going so against my introvert nature? Some days I forget why I’ve ever thought this was a good idea.

Yesterday though the kids reminded me. As usual, we started the class with informal chat that I try to turn into a review without them noticing. Yesterday it worked perfectly. They all kept to English mostly, discussing school, exams, their hometown, holidays, sports naturally – all topics of the KET exam, questions & answers we’d struggled through last week.

We linked it seamlessly to the next topic & when (about 30 minutes into the class) I uttered the dreaded words, “Open your books”, they all moaned as you’d expect. But there was one voice, one girl who stood out to me.

When we started a little less than 2 mouths ago (wow, a milestone is approaching!) she was reserved, shy to speak, quiet when specifically asked a question. Yesterday, she was lively, loud & confident and what she said, made me take a moment of inner celebration:

“No book, teacher, we love speaking English!”

Take that, stupid wind. They love speaking English. Mission accomplished.



My soul breathes music and exhales words.

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