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Oh my god!

I’ve a 4-year-old boy in the class who is very cute, very clever but very emotional. Like he’s-defo-gonna-cry-at-his-wedding kinda emotional.

The other day he was especially smart and I was hyper coz you need to be with kids. Like you don’t act happy, you act ecstatic. (It’s very exhausting but if it works, so be it.)

So when he finished his exercise in a shockingly short time, I exclaimed loudly:

“You’re finished, oh my god!

But you know, not your normal OMG (which is already a bit melodramatic) but the crazy-ass OMG. With an American accent. (Coz Americans are so much better at their OMG.)

Even your wee one was surprised but he loved it and kept repeating it as he worked quietly on his next task. I couldn’t stop laughing hearing his tiny voice shaping those over-the-top words: “oh my god, oh my god”. And wouldn’t you know it, he still repeats it in every class when he does something well. How do they always remember the strangest things?



My soul breathes music and exhales words.

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