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I suspect a conspiracy

The group of my youngest learners (3 to 5-year-olds) has been behaving extremely well lately. Either they’re all sick or they’re planning something big and want to lure me into this false sense of security.

“She’ll think everything’s fine and when she stops paying attention, we’ll strike!”

I can practically see them in their little soldier uniforms discussing this.

We’ve also been having some good fun in that class. I’ve located some flashcards for their level (the older groups love them!) and each class we review them. The kids with the good answers get a sticker.

It’s such a simple thing, a sticker, but they love it. They put them on their pencil case or folder or one actually puts them on his ruler.

The only tricky thing is to make sure each of them gets at least one, and none of them dominate the game too much. I think it’s good so far, and to be honest I love seeing their proud and happy faces when they remember the right word. It reminds me why I wanted to this in the first place.

Do you have any activities you like to do with this age group? I’m desperate for suggestions you know, before the generals strike 🙂

Main photo is from Punch Drunk Village, not mine. 



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